04 August 2013

Pantyhose, Slinkies, and Pencil Sharpeners

Coming up with this list was no easy feat. I'm sure I put entirely too much thought into it though!

10 Impractical Things - Based on My Experience

1. Wipe warmers
2. Those little handheld pencil sharpeners
3. Printers with multiple ink cartridges that won't print unless all of them have ink
4. Slinkies
5. Pantyhose
6. Pencil skirts
7. Papa John's tiny little pizza sauces
8. No show footies
9. Mini cans of pop
10. Throw size blankets


August 4, 2013


Unknown said...

Lmao...short and sweet...love it...especially "based on my experience!" visiting from The Good Life

Yona Williams said...

Great list. I will have to second the motion on "printers with multiple ink cartridges that won't print unless all of them have ink" - who the heck came up with that...they have some serious issues. There should be a rule against that...

I'd also like to add "buying printer ink" is impractical when you purchase a brand new printer for about the same price. I think THAT is crazy.

Happy Listicle Monday!

Christine said...

You're back!!!! So glad to see you again.

Yes ma'am to wipe warmers and printer ink and no show footies!

LA Botchar said...

oohhh....gah!! I have one of those printers! drives me insane. as soon as one colour (it's always pink?? must speak with girls and frequency of Barbie website visits) runs out: we can't print anything until you put a new cartridge in.
I haven't owned a pair of pantyhose since I moved out of my mom's house. imagine my surprise when she showed up at my wedding with a spare pair of hose "just in case". imagine her shock when I said I wasn't wearing any! you'd think I'd gone commando or something.

Unknown said...

I HATE those ink cartrdiges!! Who cares if you're out of red and yellow- my resume only needs black!!!

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