11 January 2014

New Bibles, BLTs and Banana Parties

Happy Saturday Lovelies!

I'm a little late with my Five on Friday, but this week has been a busy one. It really sort of flew by and I am looking forward to a restful weekend. It's raining here and that makes for a perfect day to just sit around, watch TV, and relax.

In one of my recent posts, I talked about seriously wanting to grow in my walk with God - My 2014 Path to Contentment. I'm a little nerdy by heart, meaning that I enjoy new books, freshly sharpened pencils, and anything studious - I find such things motivational. I've been wanting a new Bible ever since we purchased one for my mother-in-law for Christmas, so why not use that as motivation to get into His Word more? I loved the one we found for her. So, one day last week, I went to the bookstore and purchased one for myself. It's a Women's Study Bible, KJV. And, I love it! :)
Along with that, Ellie from Cheers Y'all saw My 2014 Path to Contentment post and shared with me a thirty day devotional that she and several other bloggers are going through as a group - Wife After God: Drawing Closer to God & Your Husband by the Unveiled Wife. I so badly wanted to join with the group but I was already a few days behind and I didn't want to rush through it in an effort to play catch up. I ordered it on Amazon and cannot wait to start it. If you're interested in going through it with me, let me know.
Little Boy was under the weather for a couple of days this week. He only ran a midgrade fever, which I'm thankful for, but the fever would spike in the middle of the night. He awoke both nights around 3 and would need medicine to bring down the fever. He would be really restless until the medicine kicked in and then he would be wide awake. Both nights, he asked for a banana and once eaten, would go right back to sleep. I told my husband that we were having banana parties at 3 AM! It was funny to us. :)
I was pulled over by a policeman on Thursday. I'm not one to get upset or angry when this happens. No, instead my heart drops into my stomach and I become anxious. I knew I wasn't speeding because I purposely watched my speed knowing he was in the pack behind me. When he came up to my window, he was really nice. He asked for my driver's license and then asked if I by chance had a decal I hadn't put on my license plate. I immediately felt relief and laughed. I said Yes! I do. I showed him that I had in fact paid my car taxes and he smiled and let me go. Shew!! Sadly, I still haven't updated the actual plate.
I was introduced to something new this week, Tudor's Biscuit World. We recently got one in our town and had no idea how awesome they were. My friend and I picked up lunch there one day and I had the BLT and fries. It was so yummy! I'm excited to have something new to add to our list of possible lunch venues. :)
I hope you've had a great week and your weekend is wonderful!


mail4rosey said...

I want one of the big Bibles w/the thumb indexes, and finally decided at Christmas that I was going to get one. I went to the mall, BOTH bookstores are closed down. I left w/o and never did go back to get one. It's so on my list though. Enjoy your day of relaxing, rain, and TV. :)

Lifeonephoto said...

I would love to do the 30 day devotional with you and any others. Just let me know :) Great way to start off the new year.

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Ohh, there's definitely something about brand-new sharpened pencils! Love to use those :-) Hope you little guy is doing better again, glad you could take those late-night banana bashes with so much grace! Have a great weekend, Kate!

After Eleven Blog said...

I've heard some good things about the Wife after God book, you'll have to let me know how it is!

Cortney said...

I'd love to go through the book with you! I've been wanting to some something like this, but hadn't found a book!

Dana Hemelt said...

BLTs and banana parties -what a week! Hope your little one is feeling better and you are having a relaxing weekend, Kate.

Shannon Everyday Mom-ents said...

I had a similar situation in highschool with the police except my front light was out and my dad had fixed it earlier but the wiring came loose. Ha...I was so embarrassed and nervous!! Ekk.

I'm interested in what you think of the book. I have thought about reading it but haven't actually purchased it yet!

Hope you son is feeling better!!

Shannon smith said...

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