14 January 2014

The Wedger and the Pan

It sounds like one of those classic fairy tales, doesn't it? Sadly, I'm really not that creative.

In the interest of being blunt, I'm not much of a cook. I know my way around the kitchen, I can follow recipes and instructions, but I do not venture out of my box very often, if ever. I have a small list of things I cook and that my family will actually eat, and we stick with that. We all claim we are not picky, but really we are.

Despite my limited cooking endeavors, one thing I have learned is to never turn down anything Pampered Chef. Everything Pampered Chef has an element of awesomeness and will always be worth it. If a friend recommends it, get yourself one. If you get something for Christmas, feel honored. Both of those things happened to me recently, and here are two recent blessings to my kitchen.

The Apple Wedger

By far one of the coolest things I have ever used. You simply place the wedger over the center of the apple's core and apply pressure down. Voila! Ten beautiful apple wedges. This is huge for me because I'll only eat apples if they are already cut. I'm not one to just grab one and start biting into it. Now, I have no excuse!

The Brownie Pan

Does anyone else make a pan of brownies only to eat the batter and waste the pan of baked brownies? Insert sheepish face here. I like for my brownies to be warm, soft, and a little crunchy on the edges. You really can't get much of that in a regular pan. And truthfully, I find it painful to slice warm brownies because it just makes a mess, and its an annoyance to cut room temperature ones because that requires work.

Who wouldn't love this amazing brownie pan? You get the batter and the brownie! Each perfectly portioned square is warm and soft on the inside and a crunchy on the edges. Bonus, there's no cutting. You use this perfect little brownie spatula to lift the brownie right out. Even better, 20 seconds in the microwave and it's like it was fresh out of the oven. I'm swooning, I know. However, I'm pretty sure my hips aren't.

Would love to hear what are some of your Pampered Chef favorites!



AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I LOVE Pampered Chef! My favorite is my stoneware round pizza pan and the scraper that comes with the stoneware pieces. Both are great and I use them all the time. I actually have a lot of Pampered Chef that I use everyday. The best part is you can get them on bidding sites a lot cheaper!

Christine said...

I am smiling that you are so happy about the apple slicer. We've always had one in our kitchen, but it rarely gets used. I find it easier to use a knife. The brownie pan, though, looks awesome!
I have a pampered chef pan. I've had it so long, I don't know if it's 10 or 12 inch, but it's a big, deep-sided skillet and I LOVE it.

mail4rosey said...

I have that brownie pan (and love it!), and I want that apple wedger!

Dana Hemelt said...

My newest favorite is the garlic peeler - you roll a garlic clove in it and the skin comes right off. I've had my batter bowl for years, and I have the apple wedger, the pineapple corer and the mango corer. They all make cutting fruit so much easier.

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