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Hello - Welcome to my blog! Seriously Kate is my outlet for all things I deem worthy of sharing.

I play many roles in this life for which I am very thankful. I am a wife and mother. I'm a daughter and a sister, I'm an aunt and a niece, and I'm a cousin and a friend. And by the grace of God, I am a child of the King. My day job is to work with numbers and attempt to understand them - I love it. Two of my favorite things to do for fun are read and shop for office and school supplies. I am basically a nerd. I prefer regular pencils over mechanical ones. Everything has its proper place. And organization and to do lists are a must.

I also enjoy writing - that's how I ended up here. My intentions are to share with you my everyday experiences and struggles. What makes me laugh uncontrollably, what brings tears to my eyes, and whatever may fall in between. I'll share with you my thoughts on books, movies, family, shopping, food, fashion, faith, and more.

I believe whole-heartedly that smiles are contagious and that we can always learn something new from others.  Two more of my favorite things in this life are to make people smile and to be an encouragement to someone else when it's needed.

I hope you'll join me and be encouraged as I attempt to embrace seriously this precious gift called life.

Thanks for reading.



Bismah Abdelgawad said...

Hi Kate!
Nice to meet you!
Stopping by from the "Meet and Greet Blog Hop. Following you on Bloglovin, G+, and Facebook. Looking forward to reading your posts.
Have a great weekend :)
Bismah @
Simple Mama

Lana said...

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the sweet comments you leave on Monday's Nugget. I know that people are reading, but seldom do they leave a comment. It means so very much to me that you take the time to do that. :)

Kelsey Eaton said...

New follower from the ss link up. Following you on bloglovin! I def agree with you about contagious smiles!

Lifeonephoto said...

Hey, found your blog on the blog hop! So glad I discovered that as I'm getting to read lots of new blogs. Love your blog and will be a follower! I just started a blog a few months back and have so much to learn. I also was one of those followers that never commented, but now I see how we all want feedback and comments to our post. Thanks for sharing!


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