01 January 2013

Tears for a Reason

Today, I watched The Polar Express with my little one. It was a first for both of us. I really enjoyed the movie, so much that I could not hold back tears on more than one occasion. For what reason, I am not certain. I only hoped my little one didn't look up at me and become alarmed because there were tears in my eyes. My heart ached for the little boy who had no friends and believed that Christmas didn't work out for him. Tears formed when all the children were so happy to see Santa, and when the gift that was thought to have been lost was found.

Such instances are not a first for me. Moments of sadness and moments of pure joy will cause my eyes to spring a leak! My husband knows just when to look at me during a movie because he knows I'll be trying desperately to hold back the tears. Movies, music, pictures, books, and the people and things I see on a day to day basis can all have that affect on me at any given time. It doesn't happen always but it happens often enough.

It happened today during the movie, and it happened yesterday in the Walmart parking lot - Yes, the Walmart parking lot. I had just gotten to my car after picking up a few things and thought I'd peruse Facebook while waiting for my car to warm and traffic to slow. A friend of mine had liked a picture that had been posted and therefore, it showed up in my feed. The photograph was so beautiful - breathtaking really. It was of a mother holding her newborn baby in her arms right after giving birth. My emotions were stirred as I recalled my own experience. Then, I read the caption and I couldn't hold in the tears any longer. Below is the picture, and it's absolutely beautiful.

The photo was posted by Carrie Wilson Photography and the caption reads as follows:
This image I took of my cousin Stephanie holding her newborn miracle means the world to our family.As many of you know today has been dedicated to infant loss and miscarriage awareness. Stephanie has suffered two miscarriages that broke her heart and left her fearful that she would never be a mother.

I am happy to announce that after much pain, loss and suffering, today Stephanie finally received her little miracle. She sobbed, held her baby close and whispered, "I'm so happy you're alive" ;)
A lot of my tear provoking events are fictional - movies, music, and books. I am so thankful this photo was shared and shared again so that it ended up in my feed and I could be touched by it's humility and beauty.

A verse comes to mind - Matthew 9:36: But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them... We cannot be expected to be compassionate until we have seen the needs of others, until we have been afforded a glimpse into their burdens and sorrows.

May we each, in our everyday lives, strive to consider the burdens and needs of others, show compassion instead of intolerance, and humility in place of judgment.

Thanks for reading.


January 1, 2013


Amie said...

first, that photo is amazing. second, i have been known as tender-hearted my whole life but i think it is a powerful thing to be able to connect with people with such emotion. not everyone is capable of that.

i am following you from bloggy moms.

Kim said...

Care to share my box of tissues? That pictures, the caption, the emotion all enough to make my eyes fill with tears. I used to be a stone. Since having kids, its seems even the smallest of things can move me to tears. Another Bloggy Mom follower! Im glad to have found you.

LuAnn Braley said...

Wow...does that picture bring back memories! My first child needed oxygen right after birth, and my 3rd was born 2 months preemie by emergency c-section (I was not conscious a t the time). On my 2nd, they cleaned him up then put him in my arms and I was awestruck...I was not expecting to be able to hold my little bundle right after birth. Of course, when I was preggers I would cry at dog food commercials. *lol* Seriously.

Following from Bloggy Buddies at Bloggy Moms.

Stephanie Neaves said...

Wow! This popped up in my friends memories on Facebook. I am the mother pictured holding my double rainbow, whom is now a sassy, smart and very caring four year old. Still to this day my heart is overwhelmed with emotion when I see this image, and relive the fear, pain, and happiness of that day. Thank you all for your love and support.

Much love,
Stephanie Neaves

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