05 January 2014

We Spent Our Date Night Getting Shots and Stitches

Date nights are few and far between. We rarely take the opportunity to spend an evening out with just ourselves. With our hectic schedules, time as a family is sometimes a struggle. We've always agreed that if we go out, we take Little Boy with us. But honestly, most of the time, we just like to stay in. We really are homebodies - all of us. And we're totally okay with that.

On a rare occasion though, the husband and I will plan an evening out. Take Friday evening for example. Little Boy is going to spend the entire evening and night with his grandma and his aunt. We are planning to have a nice dinner and go see a movie. My biggest concern is deciding between The Wolf on Wall Street or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

I start getting ready for my date night out. I put on a nice sweater, add a little smelly-good lotion, and apply a little make-up. I'm pretty much all ready, but my date is no where to be seen. I'm waiting patiently for him, but as time creeps by, the patience starts to run thin. Where is he at? Doesn't he know we need to get going? He's the one that said to be ready at five!

After waiting what seemed like forever, husband pulls in. My patience meter has ran empty and the first thing out of my mouth is where have you been?! His reply is calm. Boy does he have a story for me. I'm not sure where my senses came from at that moment, but I simply asked if everything was okay. And then he showed me his hand. Everything was not okay.

I was completely worthless and wasn't even about to play doctor with that. There really was no question as to where we would spend the first part of our evening. He needed stitches. And someone to push that fat back in!

After about two hours in urgent care, a numbing shot, a tetanus shot, and three stitches later, we sat down for dinner at a restaurant in town. At this point, we're both tired and want nothing more than to go home and go to bed, but it IS date night. So, we manage dinner and chuck the movie.

Truth is, I love it. Of course I hate that my husband hurt his hand and had to go through the pain of having it numbed, and that our evening was not at all how we envisioned it would be, but it was time spent together. Quality time. And I'm so thankful for that time. God really is so good, and I love how He brings about blessings in some of the most roundabout ways. :)



mail4rosey said...

Yeeouch to the photo!! I wouldn't play Dr to that one either. Glad it all worked out, and that you still got at least dinner, and def. got time together. ;) Thanks for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

Cortney said...

Isn't that how it always goes...something comes up. Glad his hand is okay. What did he do to it? We saw Secret Life of Walter Mitty this weekend and although it was a little weird in spots you should definitely see it! And tell your husband to be extra careful on your next date night:)

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...


I'm glad you got some alone time though. That's important.

Dana Hemelt said...

Boy, that was not an image I wanted to see in my BlogLovin' feed! Yuck. I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious and that you still had your date night. Any quality time spent with my husband is time well spent, although we do try to avoid the ER ;)

Shannon Everyday Mom-ents said...

Oh my goodness! Glad he is okay...bummer for a date night but aren't those always the most memorable. Maybe grandma will have to babysit again..

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