12 August 2013

I Had A "Case" of ULAK Envy

I was working out of town last week and spotted the absolute cutest phone case I had ever seen. I noticed it immediately and loved it instantly. It was colorful and completely practical. The lady carrying it looked so chic as she held her phone while doing whatever it was she was doing. It was phone case envy from the start.

For whatever reason, I complimented the case but never asked about it's maker or where it could be found. A couple of days later, I was back in my hometown and just couldn't shake that increasing desire to find out more about this beautiful case. So, I contacted the lady and she shared freely with me everything I wanted to know.

It's maker is Pandamimi ULAK and it can be found on Amazon. Bonus, it's less than $10. There are tons of options - lots of colors and styles. I had a bit of a hard time choosing on color but finally went with the one I had actually saw in person - the Rose Pink/Yellow/Pink combination.


I ordered it on Thursday morning and selected expedited shipping - I was willing to pay the extra few $ since it was only $10 to start with and my patience was non-existent.

My beautiful case arrived in my mailbox today. I eagerly opened the tiny package and was immediately satisfied. I love it. I love that you can hold it like a book. I love that you can take your phone in and out easily but that it still fits snugly inside. I really like the magnet fastener that keeps it closed. I like that you can choose to attach or not attach the wristlet. And, it can be positioned so that it props your phone up on its side. You could include a couple of credit cards on the inside pocket if you so desire too.

Did I mention it comes with screen protectors for both the front and back of your phone? I did a pretty good job with getting the air bubbles out on the front side, but not so much on the back. That's user error though.

I like this case so much I think I'll order a back up one in a different color. As awesome as it looks and as much as I like it, I'm also very aware that you get what you pay for.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, the case comes for all kinds of different phones - not just iPhone. The one I spied while out of town was hugging a Samsung Galaxy.

As always, thanks for reading.


August 12, 2013


in pursuit said...

Holy cow I love it! I have a Speck case I like very much but the bottom is thick (kind of like mine;) and in have to take it out of the case anytime in want to dock my phone or plug in headphones when I run. It's a pain to get in and out of the case though. This sounds like a great idea! Thanks!

Jasmine said...

This looks like something that I would love! I will definitely have to head over to amazon and have a look. I go to amazon for everything usually! Thanks for the great find!

Sandra said...

Super cute! Now I want one too!!! And this post is a perfect example of why bloggers are so influential!

Melissa Smith said...

That is SUPER cute! Does the phone just click out when you need to talk on it? Not sure how I would like it if I had to fold it to talk on it. But...really cute none the less :)

Seriously Kate said...

I will admit it took me a bit to figure out how to get it in and out the RIGHT way.. but once I did, it IS actually very easy to get in and out! And if I'm too lazy to take it out when I'm making a call, the whole folding it back thing is actually not so bad. :)

Did I mention, I already ordered a second? I got the blue/brown/mint version for later this Fall.

Happy Day Lovelies!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing this post with me. Such a funny coincidence that I was just looking at these. And I missed seeing the wristlet - that is definitely a selling point. I've got one more question for you - I saw the one above - and for long calls I usually pull out my headphones. For quick calls I'll fold it back too. So when you take a picture inside using the flash is it "normal". I've had cases where the cut out interfered with the quality of the photo. I don't want to have to take in and out for anything.

Seriously Kate said...

The photo is not compromised in any way! And the headphones are easy access too. :)

Nina said...

LOVE IT! I go through phone cases like crazy trying to find one I like..This one may be THE one!

Seriously Kate said...

It's been 10 days now since I first got the case - and I STILL love it! No flaws based on my usage to report!


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