28 December 2012

A Christmas Recap

It has been a blessed Christmas for 2012. I am so thankful for our wonderful family and friends and the time we were able to spend together just enjoying one another's company. And of course the food and presents were enjoyable as well! Our festivities really began on Sunday and let me just say it has been a wonderfully interesting 3 days.

Our little one had become a bit snotty on Friday and definitely so on Saturday. We didn't really think anything more of it than a runny nose. On Sunday morning, however, it was no longer just snotty. It had turned into congestion with a fever. The fever spiked to about 103 Sunday afternoon and then again in the middle of the night to 103.4. No parent likes to see their child with a fever, and especially one greater than 102. We missed out on church services on Sunday and the first of the family gatherings. I will say, my hubby did bring me a plate of the goodies to enjoy.

Sunday night was a restless night due to the fever and congestion. I am on a headache spurt at the moment, I think primarily triggered by the change in weather, and lack of sleep is not at all a helpful element. So on Monday morning, I awoke with a decent ache in the head. We'd also decided to go ahead and take our little one to the doctor since the fever had gotten so high during the night.

Our little one and I headed out Monday morning for the doctor's office. At this time, I have not had my morning Coke and I haven't taken any medicine for my headache because I'd like to take Advil Cold & Sinus. But, the doctor's visit will be short and I'll take care of both shortly after - or so I thought. However, the doctor's visit was not as short as I had expected. I'm sure everyone who had sick little ones didn't want to go into the Christmas holiday without making sure their illness was not something that needed to be treated. Our little one's diagnosis was a sinus infection. So, I was definitely glad that we had decided to go since that requires antibiotics.

I'm feeling pretty nauseous at this point as my headache is turning into a migraine. The pharmacy I had chosen to fill the antibiotics did not have Advil Cold & Sinus on hand and it would be about 30 minutes before the prescription would be ready. I really need to take some medicine and I'd really like to take the Advil Cold & Sinus. So, we head to Wal-Mart to try their pharmacy. I had been hoping to avoid just that as I knew it would be crazy on Christmas Eve! The line to the pharmacy was long and as we stood there, my little one just looked at me with concern on his face and asked me "Mommy, are you okay?" I was floored. It was the sweetest thing ever.

With Advil Cold & Sinus in tow, we headed to Dairy Queen where we could get a kid's grilled cheese and sprite. A splurge for the sick little one (the sprite not the grilled cheese). I had promised fries when we were at the first pharmacy dropping off the prescription because anytime we go through a drive thru, some sort of food is expected! Haha. I get a large Coke, and this particular DQ has the small cubed crushed ice - the absolute best. I immediately take the medicine and start sipping on the Coke.

At this time, the antibiotic should be ready. We pick it up and I'm just not certain I'm going to make it home without getting sick. I put the bag the food came in on my lap and begin to pray that I make it home. Thankfully, we did make it home without me getting sick. And even more than that, our little one was ready for a nap shortly after and I was able to sleep. Sleep is really my only cure for a migraine. Medicine will take the edge off, but sleep with take it away. I was able to sleep for almost 2 hours and I awoke feeling much better - an answered prayer!

Our little one napped for 4 hours and woke up fever free and ready to embark on our Christmas Eve gathering - another answered prayer. We had a wonderful time with family and enjoyed getting to see all of the little ones play with their new toys. It was a late evening and once our little one crashed into bed, it was time to prepare for Santa.

Christmas morning was a blast. Santa had put under our tree two train sets and Mickey, Goofy, and Donald stuffed animals. Our little one was so amazed and so excited. We watched the trains go round and round for the longest time and then we readied for our next stop - my husband's family's. My in-laws are amazing in every way, and I am so thankful to be a part of their family. We had a scrumptious breakfast and then opened gifts. Our little one really did so well - being patient and thankful. One of the favorites of the morning was a Mickey who sang the "Hot Dog" song. And one of MY favorites was a pair of furry boots that I've had my eye on for a little while!

We then headed to my parents which is a bit of a drive, that allowed our little one to rest up and prepare for the next adventure. We had a fantastic afternoon lunch and enjoyed spending time with my parents and brother and his family on the farm. One of our favorite things to do is bake cookies. My mother got us a stoneware cookie sheet! I am so excited to try it out. Our little one's favorite was a remote control Thomas that actually blows steam!

Back in the car we go and head to our grandparent's home. Another brief nap and we're ready to go again. We snacked all evening on finger foods and desserts, oh so yummy. Our little one had such a good time playing with all of the cousins. The favorite of the evening was a small train set that did not require tracks and moved on its own. It even made the sounds of a train.

It was a late night and our little one crashed as soon as we arrived home. I am a bit controlling when it comes to some things and one of those is I must put away our Christmas gifts before going to bed. I do not want to wake up to that task in the morning. I also wanted our little one's toys to be out and ready to go for play. And one of the things I noticed as I was putting things away was it was a train and Mickey kind of Christmas.

It really was a wonderful Christmas. I am blessed beyond all measure and when I stop to think about those who are hurting, either because they are missing loved ones they've lost or they are lonely or battling some sort of challenge in their lives, I am reminded that I am blessed and that it could be me in an instant. It could be any of us. God is merciful and loving and gracious. And on Christmas day, a King was born, the Savior of the world. And how thankful I am that I am saved and on my way to heaven, and it's because of the very gift of Jesus Christ.

I pray God's blessings be upon you, and I hope each and every one of your Christmases were merry and bright.

Thanks for reading.


December 26, 2012


Elisebet F said...

Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sorry you guys have been sick...we've had some colds going around our home but nothing too bad. I hope the rest of your holidays go well!

Kristen said...

I sounds like your Christmas was a little hectic with everything going on, but seemed to work out in the end. I'm glad you had a good time through it all :)


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