10 August 2013

Potty Training and Bath Rugs

My Little is a just a few months from being 3 and is pretty much potty trained. The only time he wears a diaper is at night and even then, he stays dry 5 out of 7 nights a week. I am a pretty proud Mama but really can't take much of the credit. His teachers at school are fantastic, and it helps that he is all about being a "big boy."
But along with being potty trained came the shocking reality that he is a boy and therefore has no aim - absolutely none. I have a renewed patience for my husband since it's becoming clearer to me that this inability to not get pee all over everything that is within a foot of the toilet is just natural - to an extent even out of their control.

As you can imagine, the bath rug that surrounds our toilet could only be washed so many times. It eventually had no rubber backing and pretty much became worthless. With each passing day, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the rug that wouldn't stay in it's place. (I'm a tad obsessive when it comes to things being where they should be.) I was constantly having to re-position it.

So, to solve this problem, I went shopping on my lunch yesterday. My friend and I headed to TJ Maxx and I found two really awesome bath rugs - neither of which are made to go around a toilet. But if you're replacing one, you might as well replace them all, right? I ended up picking up the rug for the toilet during my trip to Wal-Mart.
I couldn't wait to clean the bathroom so that I could put down my new rugs. I'm sort of strange like that. New things deserve clean things. I can't even put away new clothes until all the laundry is done and put away. And I prefer a clean kitchen before bringing in new groceries. Anyway, below is a picture of our newly decorated bathroom floor. 
The first one, sitting in front of our shower on the left in a light green is a Spa Retreat Ultra Soft Memory Foam Bath Mat - $12.99.
The Better Homes and Gardens Extra Soft Contour Bath Rug hugging the toilet is a really pretty chocolate brown - $11.97. It doesn't really match, but I figured the lighter colored rugs would be too "pee transparent."
My absolute favorite is the white/green Royal Bath Microfiber Plush Bath Rug sitting in front of our bathroom sink - $19.99.  I could stand on it all day, it is so incredibly soft.
And by the way, if you're looking at this picture and thinking how awesome I am at wall papering, I really can't take the credit for that either. My Little thought it would be fun one day to just start pulling it off. I know I should probably replace or fix it or something, but he'd probably just pee on it.
Have a lovely Saturday!
August 10, 2013


mail4rosey said...

LOLOL at the end, ha! :) I have one daughter, three boys, and a husband. I can totally relate to the pee thing. ;)

Thanks for linking up to Super Sunday Sync.

Get Busy Living said...

I'm potty training my 2.5 year old son right now. The ending of your post is quite funny! I have the same thoughts about our carpet--our toddler will probably continue to pee, barf, and spill on it so there's no use replacing it until he's older. haha
Get Busy Living blog

Tasha said...

haha!! Hilarious. Can totally relate. lol I'm a new follower btw. Nice to meet you!

Tanya Wood said...

Boys will always be boys indeed. I think the inability to aim properly is common among all men. Good thinking on that rug choice for the toilet. It’s just going to be really frustrating having to clean them every time. Maybe you can set down rules for them to follow so that you don’t have to keep cleaning up after them.
Tanya Wood

charlos john said...

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