04 August 2013

Introducing "Ask Kate"

Seriously Kate was created in December 2012. And at that time, my visions for blogging included a variety of things - posting about my everyday experiences, the books I read, the shows I watch, the shoes I just bought, and the tall tall tales that come along with being a wife and mother.

I've really sort of done that, not as regularly as I had hoped, but I have shared some of those very things with you over the last several months. There is, however, one other vision I have not yet attempted to fulfill.

I have always wanted to do an "Ask Kate" section.

If you're asking yourself what qualifies me to answer anyone's personal, rhetorical, religious, or philosophical questions, there isn't a single thing that does. I just simply enjoy offering another perspective that may or may not have been considered. The thing is, we all have questions that we are either too embarrassed or too afraid to ask. And sometimes it's nice to ask someone who knows nothing other than the question itself.

So, how exactly will this work?

Questions should be submitted to my email address: seriouslykateg@gmail.com or you can comment on any Ask Kate post - this can even be done anonymously.

To start, I plan to respond to one question each week. In my response, the identity of the person asking the question will be left anonymous. I will state the question and then I will give my thoughts/opinions.

I will not answer questions that should be answered by a doctor, a dentist, a nutritionist, or some other qualified professional. I am just opinionated not certified. For example, I can tell you my thoughts on sorting laundry but I can't tell you how to fix your washing machine. Also, I reserve the right to be able to say, I have no idea or I am not comfortable answering that - there are some areas of life I have no experience or understanding in and it wouldn't be fair of me to opine.

As fair warning, I am a born again child of God. So, it is highly likely that any philosophical or personal responses will be laced with Christian viewpoints - such as treat others as you would want to be treated and the fact that the earth has not been around for millions and millions of years.

I'm really excited and a little apprehensive about this, but am most definitely looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading.


August 4, 2013


Dana @ Kiss my List said...

Welcome back, Kate! It's so nice to hear from you again. I look forward to your new Ask Kate section - I'll have to think of some good questions for you.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I absolutely LOVE this!! I just have to think of a question to ask you! I love that you are a child of God and that your answers may be influenced by that! I also love that you stated that the earth has not been around for millions of years!! This should be interesting and FUN!

Unknown said...

This is awesome! Can't wait to see how it unfolds, sister in Christ;)

Stepping into Motherhood said...

I think this sounds like a great idea. I have found readers love to share their own parenting adventures with me so I think anyway you can find to involve readers is great. I'm your newest follower. Can't wait to see what questions readers send.
Angela @ Time with A & N

Gee said...

I love your disclaimers, they made me giggle! I have no question as of now since i just stumbled on your blog and I might ask an already asked question...so I'd give it some time while I follow! :D

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