06 September 2013

Five on Friday - Bluefin Shoes and Once Upon a Prince

I am so happy it's Friday! We do not have a lot planned for the weekend and that's exactly how I like it. :) I thought I would link up with 5 on Friday this week! This will be my first time jumping in.

1. I love to buy Little Man shoes at Rack Room because it is always buy one, get one 50% off. On a good day, this means I get a new pair of shoes too. Check out these super cute slip ons made by Bluefin! I was really surprised by how comfortable they were.

2. Speaking of those new shoes for Little Man - I learned a valuable lesson today regarding shoes with white soles. Do not send child to school in said new shoes when the playground mulch turns everything that it touches black. Duh.

3. On Sunday, I finished reading one of the best books I've read in a long time. It was called Once Upon a Prince written by Rachel Hauck. I'm really a sucker for Cinderella stories and this one is beautiful. I love how it intertwines the Christian faith. It is also different enough from what you'd expect that it keeps you engaged even though you know the ending will be a happy one.

4. Little Man cried and clung to me every morning this week when dropping him off at school. It's so hard to just turn around and walk away from him. It did get better as the week went on - I know it wasn't easy for him going back to school after vacation. What helps ease that is when I pick him up at the end of the day, he is all chatty and excited to tell me about all the fun things he did. Sometimes, he even says he's not ready to go home. I'm really thankful for his teachers and the great care they take of him.

5. I had lunch one day this week at a Mexican Restaurant. The interesting thing about this is that I actually branched out and tried something new. I always get the hard tacos a la carte and hit the chips and salsa pretty hard. This week, however, I tried the Chicken Quesadilla Deluxe. It was delicious! I'm pretty excited that I have another option to add to the list.

Happy Friday to you and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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September 6, 2013


Kristen said...

Score on the shoes! I'm always a lover of sales!! The ones you got look so comfy! If I could wear flip flops every day of the year I would. I hate buying sneakers because they turn gross so fast. I'm going to have to put that book on my list! I'm a sucker for romance/Cinderella in books and movies. If only I could be as "brave" as you and branch out trying other foods. I am so picky it's not funny. Mexican restaurants I always get Spinach Artichoke dip!

Shannon Everyday Mom-ents said...

Cute shoes! I will have to check out that book! I have been looking for a new one! Thanks! : )

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I love this! I just went over and followed The Good Life so I can join in next week! thanks for sharing it!

Ashley said...

I'm the same way at Mexican restaurants! My go-to is cheese enchiladas. Have a great weekend!

Candace said...

Welcome to the five on friday club! It sucked me in right away. It's such a nice way to be grateful each week. I love me some quesadillas! Glad you tried something new! Food can be an adventure in and of itself. Have a lovely weekend, Miss! :)

Dana Hemelt said...

I'm always proud of myself when I try a new food - I'm slowly becoming a more adventurous eater. Glad your little guy is warming up to school - his excitement when you pick him up is evidence of that, right? A post with shoes, books, and food - three of my favorites! Enjoy your relaxing weekend, Kate.

Stevie said...

Oh I'm sure it just rips your heart to walk away when he cries. But how awesome that he loves to tell you about his day when you pick him up! I am obsessed with chips and salsa. Even though I really love to try new kinds of food, sometimes I love one thing on a menu so much I don't want to branch out. Happy Saturday!

mail4rosey said...

Oh do I remember my oldest not wanting me to leave him for work. He cried and cried at the fence. Ugh, still gets me and he's 25. ;)

I get in a habit at restaurants, but find when I do try new things, I usually like them too. :)

Thanks for linking up to Super Sunday Sync!

Sarah said...

Those shoes are really cute and look COMFY!

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