12 February 2013

Puppies and Trucks, Oh My

I suppose it's been a little while since my last post. I spent a few days out of town on business and then I sort of took an "I'd rather sleep" spell. When I start blogging after the little one goes to bed, I sometimes stay up entirely way too late and then struggle to be my bright-eyed and bushy-tailed self in the mornings. Balance, I must find balance - that is a completely different blog post in itself.

So, as a way to ease back into the groove of things, I thought I'd share with you a puppy update. As of the end of last week, their eyes have opened.

They've gotten much bigger and are actually quite feisty. Over the weekend, we decided it would be best to go ahead and complete the "pen" since they are starting to move around more. We'd set up the hay bales a few weeks ago but they weren't fully connected.

So, our little one and I hopped into the truck on Saturday and set out for the barn. Remember, I'm not an awesome driver of the manual transmission. Towards the end of the drive leading to the barn, there is a large pile of gravel just sitting there that you must go around. I didn't realize how muddy it had become and as I was avoiding the pile of gravel by going to the side, which just so happens to be a bit of a hillside, I lost traction and essentially control of the truck.

I kept giving it the gas hoping it would push on through, but it didn't happen. We ended up sideways, on a hillside. I looked at our little one and asked him if he was scared. Can you believe he said yes? I decided the best and safest course of action would be to put the truck in neutral and ease off the hill - backwards. I stayed calm, surprisingly.

Once we were off of the hill, I began to breathe again. I put the truck in gear and headed through the field towards the barn. Who needs driveways anyway? The only problem with being in the field is that there is a hillside that separates the field from the barn. We parked the truck parallel to the hill and walked to the barn. I threw down a couple of more square bales from the hayloft and then rolled them down the hill. I was thankful the string didn't break, otherwise there would have been hay everywhere.

We loaded up the truck and headed back to the garage. I temporarily relocated the puppies while I was working on their abode, and they were not at all happy. Cutest little barks and growls I have ever heard. They were perfectly fine once I returned them to their "pen" and they could all return to snuggling with one another.

They'll be three weeks old on Wednesday. It's hard to believe just how fast they grow and that, hopefully, they'll be with their new owners in another three weeks! We've already got a few takers.

Thanks for reading.


February 12, 2013


in pursuit said...

Oh man! I can not imagine one single moment of that entire event- well, maybe the cute puppies being super cute and making noises. This city girl needs to hit the country I think. Glad you guys are ok.

Kimberly Montgomery said...

Wow!! I can't believe your truck experience. I love that you went a different route. So brave to keep going. I just love every time you post about puppies. I can't get enough. :)

Kristi from Finding Ninee said...

The truck experience is SO SCARY. Glad you're okay. And the puppies are adorable! Also, I so hear you on needing balance and staying up way too late when I decide it's time to catch up on the bloggie world.

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