04 October 2013

an Answered Prayer and a Sunshine Award

Hello Friends! Friday is upon us and the weekend is just around the corner. I've been a little out of the blogosphere the last couple of weeks but am intent on not falling away entirely. It's just been a little more hectic than usual and honestly, I've just chosen sleep over blogging time. :)

So, to briefly catch you up on this week's highlights, I'm going to join in with the fabulous ladies that host Five on Friday.


First and foremost, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers this past week. Little Man's procedure went really well. They put in his second set of ear tubes and went ahead and removed his adenoids to hopefully prevent the need for a third set of tubes down the road.
It worked out that I had to handle this one solo. As I was sitting in the waiting room, I was getting dings on my phone with encouraging messages - it truly was a blessing. Thank you.
The doctors and nurses said he'd probably have a lazy weekend and need to eat soft foods for a couple of days. God answers prayer - because he was wild enough to shoot at after his afternoon nap and eating normally by the time we returned home. God is good. :)

Does anyone else watch NCIS? It is hands down my favorite show, maybe ever. I had a really hard time saying goodbye to Ziva this week. I'm glad though, that they finally confirmed the love between her and Tony. Even if we won't get the opportunity to see it play out, it was a nice way to say farewell. And I'll admit, I cried.

We celebrated our 6 year anniversary this past week! Thanks to family, we enjoyed a dinner date out, just the two of us. I spent one afternoon going through old pictures. As I looked at our early days photos, I couldn't help but ask myself "what happened to us?" My husband's hair is much whiter and I'm quite a bit heavier. Basically though, we do not look youthful anymore. We are adults... but I'm okay with that.

 I'd like to shout out Congratulations to the Starbucks Gift Card Winners! I really appreciate each and every single entry and am thankful for all of your support. I had a lot of fun and could totally see me having another one soon. :)
And the winners are... Jennifer Engel, Renee, and Rosey Marie.   

And last but not least, I am really excited and honored to share with you that I received The Sunshine Award this week. Kristen from Happiness is a Mood Not a Destination bestowed this upon my blog. How exciting is that?! Thank you Kristen! I'll get a post up about it soon.
Hope your weekend is lovely!

As always, thanks for reading.


October 4, 2013


Lobster Meets Peach said...

So happy to hear that your wee-one make it through surgery safely! I will pray for a speedy recovery. And happy anniversary!!!

Sarah Grace Chastain said...

happy 6 years!! :) that is so exciting! we are almost at 1 1/2, and it's flown by! :) i can't wait until 6!

have a great friday!
xo, sarah grace

Christine said...

Glad to hear the procedures went well for your little guy. I don't care how "routine" they are, it's nerve-wracking for the patient and his parents.
Congrats on 6 years, and here's to many, many more!

Renee said...

Happy to hear about your boy!
And I'm excited that I actually won your giveaway!! :)

Cortney said...

"because he was wild enough to shoot at after his afternoon nap" this line litterally made me laugh out loud at work! I may just start using it:) So glad he's feeling better!

Kelsea said...

Happy 6 years! How exciting! Found you through the link-up :)

Anonymous said...

Glad your Little Man's procedure went well.

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Glad that your son's surgery went well. Happy Belated Anniversary!! My husband and I just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary this past Monday.

mail4rosey said...

Congrats on your award, thank you for the gift card win, and most important, a big hurrah for your little one!! I'm glad all went well and he's up and running already. Awesome news to start off the weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! I'm a new follower of yours.

NCIS is my favorite show!! I had such a hard time saying goodbye to Ziva, and I too cried. Thankfully there is still the option for guest appearances (please, PLEASE!)

Dana Hemelt said...

Happy anniversary, Kate! Hope you are having a great weekend.

Lifeonephoto said...

Sounds like you had a great week. Surgery is always a little scary and even more so with little ones. So glad it went well. Congrats on the reward and also the anniversary :)

minttu karjalainen said...

Hey! I just found your blog (Blogs by Christian Women). It's really cute! I'd like to challenge you: http://iammrsk.blogspot.fi/p/a-blog-challenge.html :)

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