19 October 2013

I Have a Confession...

I am a blogging slacker.

Really, I go through phases. I have a phase in which I feel like I'm caught up in the blogosphere. In this phase, I'm reading all of my favorite blogs, commenting on lots of different posts, creating at least one or two posts of my own per week, responding to the comments I've received, maintaining and keeping up the friendships I've made, and making new ones.

But in my other phase, I am so far removed from the blogging world. I rarely log onto the computer and check my blog page, much less respond to any comments or keep up with what others are writing. I disappear from Twitter and Facebook, and even more than that, creating a blog post itself seems daunting. I have no topic, nothing to discuss, no experiences to share.

It may or may not be obvious that I am currently in that other phase. I have barely posted over the last couple of weeks. I managed a Five on Friday last week but that was all. And if I'm being completely honest, I forced myself to do that so that I was at least posting something. I attempted to catch up on all my favorite blogs last weekend but knew that I was missing so much by not checking in throughout the week.

It's clear to me that I am a blogging slacker, but the question I'm asking myself today is why and how do I pull myself out of this slump?

Well, as for the why, I believe it has a lot to do with circumstances. Sometimes, I have to let something go and blogging is often the winner of the take a backseat to everything else prize. Which saddens me because of how much I really do enjoy it. My blogging time usually comes after Little Man is asleep and lately, I've chosen sleep over breaking out the laptop.

For how to not be a blogging slacker, I'd love to hear from you. When your time is strapped, what is your blogging approach? How do you stay tuned in but at an arm's length when needed? And when you feel like you have nothing to say, what do you write about? Do you ever think maybe blogging is not for you, after all? How do you pull through a blogging slump? Or is it just a matter of sticking with it until you're through it?

Hope you're having a lovely weekend Friends!

As always, thanks for reading.


October 19, 2013


Sarah said...

I think sometimes it's ok to let the blog be for a while and focus on other priorities in life as in the end, we will all be here waiting for you when you return.
It's a struggle though for me as well and I have FAR less followers/comments than you. Some weeks I feel all I have done all week besides work is BLOG and there is something a bit unsettling about that to me. I love blogging and want to keep doing it but I don't want it to be the only thing I do and pass up other opportunities / adventures because of it.
I think you just need to go with what your heart is telling you..as lame and cheesy as that sounds. If you feel like you need a bit o a break, take one! :)

Cortney said...

This is too freaky. I was literally going to write almost the exact same post. No lie. I can totally relate. Especially if you look at my blog this week. I had one post-which was scheduled in advance:) SO many times once the kids are in bed all I want to do is SLEEP or relax or read other people's well crafted blog posts, but not write my own...and I think it's okay. Our blogs are a reflection of lives and tell our life story. When you look back on your blog, weeks, months, or even years later and see gaps with nothing written you'll know that that was a busy time of your life...or you needed more sleep:) And just because your not posting doesn't mean you're not living life. And the beauty of blogging is you can always go back later and document what happened during your blogging break. But remember, don't quit blogging for too long, because we love reading:)

Christine Rosko said...

I have been having such a hard time with blogging lately. I literally have no time and blogging seems to be the easiest thing to slack on. Unfortunately, I don't have that option though because I have paying sponsors that I feel terrible when I neglect. Luckily, I've been able to have them guest post lately keeping me from having to come up with posts. When I get in slumps though, I find it easiest to just breathe for a few days and then come back with new energy. Sometimes I'll cram a bunch of posts in one day and then just post them each day. I'm not sure I was much of a help but that's what I do at least...

Dana Hemelt said...

I post three times a week, but I'm cutting back to two if I just can't swing three. I respond to all my comments, but I'll visit less blogs if I can't find the time to visit all the ones I want. I find it hardest to set aside time to write. I need to close my Internet down and just write for an hour or two without distractions. Then I feel energized again. I'd just do what you can - I think the ebbs and flows are normal.

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