20 October 2013

Five on Friday - Better Late than Never

Happy Friday Friends! Oh wait, it's Sunday. I missed out on Five on Friday, but I'm still going to go ahead and throw five things from my week out there for you. I'm only a couple of days late. ;-)

Did you know that Monday was National Dessert Day?! I saw it on the news early that morning and made sure that I celebrated. Check out this scrumptious Brownie Lover's Brownie dessert from O'Charley's. I tried to eat it all, I did, but only managed about half.  
I started out the week with the migraine of the decade. I have always gotten headaches, ever since I was a little girl, but they have slowly become few and far between over the years. I think I'm getting them less, but I also think I have learned how to identify triggers and prevent them from becoming debilitating little punks.
More often than not, when I do end up with one, the headache comes on in late afternoon or evening and I can just sleep it off. That's preferable if I'm going to have to endure one. Sunday, however, I woke up with a full-fledged migraine. I napped as much as I could during the day, took meds around the clock, and literally didn't emerge from the dark, cold dungeon of my room until 7 pm. I'm pretty sure I dropped 5 pounds too since I wasn't sleeping it off, I wasn't able to eat or keep anything down.
The one good thing that comes from a migraine of this magnitude is that when I awake the next morning and I do not have a headache, I'm so much more appreciative and thankful to God for a head that doesn't hurt!

I'm always a little behind in the entertainment world - music, movies, and television. So, I'm not sure how long this Taylor Swift song has been out, but I heard it this week and loved it.
I learned a very important lesson this week when making my weekly Walmart run. The next time the government is shut down, DO NOT go to the store on the same day it re-opens. The place was a madhouse. I'm pretty sure I ran over a half a dozen people with my shopping cart and bumped into another half dozen. :-/
And last but not least, I am so thankful for the group of folks I work with. Isn't this the sweetest thing ever? I am truly blessed.
I hope last week was a fabulous week for you and that the one coming up is even better. :)
As always, thanks for reading.
October 20, 2013


Lana said...

I am so sad I didn't know it was National Dessert Day!!! Guess I'll celebrate tomorrow for the one week anniversary. :)

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I missed Five on Friday too but enjoyed reading yours! I totally sympathize with your headaches! It is the worst thing to wake up with one...they just don't go away! It is true too that the next day waking up without one is like you are reborn! Have a great week!

mail4rosey said...

I had an operation after my last child that left me getting migraines. Oh how horrible they are...I've always, always, always (did I stress 'always?') been able to handle huge amounts of stress, and now the smallest stress (good or bad) is prone to leaving me w/a migraine. So dumb!!! Like you though, I've come to appreciate the triggers and nip them in the bud (thank you Excederin Extra Strength). I had one catch me the other day though, woke up with it, like you just noted. I didn't even know that could happen. I was not a happy camper, but like you also noted, it makes me so, so appreciative of those days when I'm free and clear from the headaches...and they're getting much more rare.

I love the cake you got from your co-workers. It's nice to be appreciated. :)

Have a great week and thank you for linking up to Super Sunday Sync!

Shannon Everyday Mom-ents said...

How did I miss national dessert day?!?!?! So bummed... guess I will have to celebrate today instead. : )

My husband gets migraines like crazy.. : ( I never have had one but he had an awful one yesterday... just wipes you out. Unfortunately, my husband needs to realize what his triggers are... I can guess them but I think he is in denial. Ha.

Have a great week!

Lena said...

Why did I miss national dessert day?! That would be the perfect excuse to eat it for every meal! BUMMER! Putting that on the calendar for next year! :)

XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

Ashley said...

That dessert looks uhh-mazing!!

So sorry you had a migraine...they're the worst! Hope you have a great week!

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