31 January 2013

A Reality Reject

It's Finish the Sentence Friday and many thanks to Janine, Kate, Stephanie, and Dawn for hosting! This week's sentence to finish is "When it comes to reality TV, I..."

So, without further ado...

When it comes to reality TV, I... am completely ignorant. My knowledge and experience is practically non-existent. I've caught an episode here and there of a number of reality shows but an addiction or obsession with any particular one has yet to develop.

In all "reality," my TV time in general has dwindled immensely since the arrival of our little one. I'll occasionally curl up on the couch and watch a movie or a re-run of some sort, but to commit myself to a TV show is asking a little much. I've managed to stay committed to a very select few shows of which I can only think of two that I wouldn't dare delete off of the DVR before watching - and not a single one of those are reality TV. Truthfully, there are just other ways I prefer to spend my time.

However, today's FTSF is about reality TV, so I must come up with something... How about a glimpse of what I haven't stuck with but have at least tried?

I watched The Voice for a few episodes this past season, but I didn't even stick with it long enough to watch the final episodes. I liked the commentary amongst the judges and I felt like they had something it seems most lack, chemistry.

I catch Pawn Stars occasionally only because my husband enjoys watching the show. I can also add to that Axe Men. I have to admit, it's easy to get roped into some of the drama, but it's no fight whatsoever to walk away if I prefer to read or blog.

We do try to catch The Sing-Off when it is on. Again, we don't keep up with it but watching the groups is pretty amazing. They all sing a capella but you would never even notice because they create their own "instruments" with their voices.

Other than that, my knowledge is pretty limited. I hear family, friends, and co-workers talk about many others but I'm not contributing, only listening. I just haven't been drawn in to the whole "reality" TV genre - and I really don't have any regrets about it either.

Do you have a favorite that I should at least try? Or are you like me - a reality reject?

Thanks for reading.


January 31, 2013


Janine Huldie said...

The ones I did watch, which were on bed rest, I so have stopped watching and just can't get up the energy or care to actually watch on that are on now. So, I am probably very little help. Thanks so much for linking up as always!! :)

Dana @ Kiss my List said...

I'm pretty much a reality show reject too; I'd rather spend my time watching shows that are completely unrealistic!

Btw - I like your new page design!

Unknown said...

Man, I forgot about the talent shows. I got into X-Factor for a season. What a pain that was. It came on two nights a week! But I loved it and my aunt and I texted each other throughout each show - she got me started on it. Couldn't do it this past year because there was no way I could watch it since adopting our third child. Too many kids to put to bed. :-)

Unknown said...

I loathe reality t.v. I mean I hate it. It is rarely real at all. I feel so much of it is contrived by editors who want to create characters. Guess what, if you want to create a character, it isn't "reality." Duh! Most importantly, though, I think it brings out the worst in people. Well, at least I hope it's the worse. Because if this is their "normal" I'm afraid for many fo these people. And their offspring.

like you I prefer to read (although I admit I read a lot of crap- but no one is claiming it's real, so that makes it a step above;) and I spend a lot of time reading fun blogs like this very one!!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Good for you! Pawn Stars - what on earth? There's a show for everything. Axe Men - don't have a clue. ;-) In 2013 I have no favorites. Hmmm, not even from last year. But when I visit my mom and dad, I can watch HGTV all day. Shows like The Property Brothers, Design on a Dime - love those.

Christine said...

I am not attached to any reality either. I certainly don't have the schedule of shows memorized. However, if while flipping through the channels, I see that Duck Dynasty is on, I stop. That show cracks me up.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

When I started thinking of all the reality shows I watch, it's too much, I think! I don't have cable so mine are all on regular TV.....addicted to Survivor, Dancing with the Stars(although if it gets any raunchier I won't be watching) and Shark Tank. I tune in to Americas Got Talent and The Voice occasionally and I am sure I am missing some others that aren't on right now!

Julie DeNeen said...

You are better off NOT knowing - trust me! Found you through the FTSF link up! Have a great weekend!

Chris at Hye Thyme Cafe said...

What I like about shows like Pawn Stars and Storage Wars is that you might actually learn something interesting. I like when they consult with antiques dealers about an item. I get a kick out of wandering around antique stores and trying to figure out what some of the things are. :) [#FTSF]

OhBoyMom said...

I'm with you...a total flunkie when it comes to reality TV. I watched Survivor and The Bachelor a long time ago, but that's about it. I think we're smart not to get sucked in! (I'm here with the FTSF link-up)

Unknown said...

I think being "ignorant" when it comes to reality TV is actually a good thing! ;) My husband loves Pawn Stars, and i have to say, it's not as boring as I thought it would be! Having a little one changes everything about your TV watching, doesn't it? Thanks again for linking up with us today!

Kristi - Finding Ninee said...

I'm a total reality show reject. I'd probably enjoy some of the shows if I actually watched them but truthfully, I have a few great cable shows that I follow (Homeland, True Blood, Dexter, The Newsroom) and they're enough for me. Like you, I'd rather read or blog. Or read blogs ;)

Unknown said...

ahhhh I love reality shows. Some of them, I wonder how 'real' they are. lol

The 5th Level of Motherhood

Richard Rumple said...

The reality of reality television is that you can't watch it with an active brain. If your brain is in R.E.M. mode, then you can view the programming without care. Otherwise, grab the book. It's a better idea!

Danielle said...

I'm not much of a TV watcher in general... but I am hooked on the show "Catfish" on MTV! It's on at strange hours so I usually just record it, but it's usually the trainwreck I can't look away from!

We get caught with Pawn Stars on too, mainly because Chumlee & the Old Man are so entertaining!

Unknown said...

i also love reality shows too bad cant watch this one

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It Is Interesting To Note said...

You're probably better off now watching...but my husband and I have become fans of the cooking channel shows. We've actually learned about some great restaurants and recipes that way and there's much less drama--although there's still some.

Unknown said...

Short and to the point! I HATE reality shows! Never even watch TV, I just don't have the time! See you around!

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