05 January 2013

Review: Safe Haven

I have not read all, but several of the books written by Nicholas Sparks. We've developed this love-hate relationship, of which I am sure he is unaware. What I mean by love-hate is that I love the overall story and there are so many wonderful moments intertwined within. However, I hate getting through the realistic, non-fairytale scenes. I know they are coming, they are what make the fairytale aspects seem realistic. But they are full of suspense and fear of the unknown - hoping it ends in roses but knowing it could take a turn for the weeds.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven fell into this love-hate relationship perfectly. A beautiful woman in her late 20s marries the man of her dreams, only to find out on their honeymoon he's not really so dreamy. She survives his physical abuse for a few years until she is able to escape. Once she finds a place where she feels safe, she begins to settle in and explore the community.

She meets a man and eventually begins to open up to him and his children. And like a fairytale, they easily fall in love with one another. What the reader knows, however, is that her husband, her abuser has not given up hope in finding her and continues to search. He will find her and as a reader, you fear the desperation in this man. He believes he loves her yet she must be punished for her selfishness. And you know that for her to truly be free, she must face her past head on.

I really enjoyed reading Safe Haven. It is a reflection of courage, hope, and love. Courage and strength to start over and trust again, hope in others and in the future, and love that's unconditional and true.

I definitely recommend it be added to your reading list. It will be in theaters in February, but if you're a reader, read the book first. Rarely do movies do justice to their originating novels.

Thanks for reading.


January 5, 2013


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