22 January 2013

Seven Folks I'd Like to Meet

It's a peaceful Tuesday evening and while browsing my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon Tuesday Topics with Tiffany from The Austin Family Diary and Lauren from Life Love Lauren. I love this idea, so of course I must participate (but quickly because I'm getting sleepy.)

Today's Tuesday Topic is Seven People I'd Like to Meet. And those seven people are...

1. George Bush - I think he is brilliant with a sense of humor. I think I could listen to him for hours. I picture sitting on his ranch in Texas scoping out the terrain and talking about simple things and drinking lemonade (I'm not a fan of tea). My husband would be with me and we may even ride a horse.

2. Kate Middleton - She's beautiful for one. And for two, I'd love to hear about what it's like living as Royalty.

3. Sarah Palin - Completely down to earth. Incredibly funny. A tad crazy. And really, just truly impressive considering all that she juggles.

4. Kevin Costner - There's just something about his mannerisms. I think I could listen to him for hours and he'd impart wisdom in everything he'd say.

5. Candace Cameron - DJ!! That, and I admire her strong stand for Christ. I think we'd be friends if she weren't famous.

6. Cynthia Cooper - She was the whistle blower from WorldCom. I'd love to hear her story in person. As a matter of fact, I need to finish the book. It's on my Kindle.

7. Stephanie Plum - If only she weren't a fictional character. I need to tell her that the love triangle is killing me. Plus, she's just hilarious. I'd like to go to a family dinner with her too. And maybe if I meet Joe Morelli and Ranger in person, I can make a choice for her.

That's my quick, kind of funny list of folks I'd like to meet but more than likely never will. :)

Who's on your list?

Thanks for reading.


January 22, 2013


SkyMommy said...

I feel like Kate Middleton and I could be great friends. That is, if I could get over my jealousy of how incredibly gorgeous and stylish she is.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I would also like to meet 1-3! Great choices! Be sure and link it up to the link on my page so other people can read your awesome answers! xo!!

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